Do Home-Based Businesses Have Smaller Carbon Footprints?

In a world where everything takes energy to achieve and leaves some form a waste behind, more and more people are becoming concerned with their role in the environment. Lets compare the standard 9 To 5 job to a home-based business model to determine the difference in carbon foot prints.Consider the expenses of waking up in the early hours of the morning while it is still dark outside and turning on your lights, your coffee maker and other appliances that help you get ready so that you can be to work on time. If it is in the cold winter months than you must also start your car to warm it up before driving off, putting extra carbon monoxide into the air while the car just sits there idling. Then you drive to work to a separate building from your home that is already heated and lit for you along with other pieces of machinery warmed up and sitting idle waiting to be utilized throughout the day all plugged into the grid further increasing the size of your 9-to-5 carbon footprint.As noon rolls around it is time to go get lunch, perhaps you go to a restaurant where you sit in another heated environment with grills and microwave ovens in the background preparing your food. Or you send someone from the office to drive somewhere else to get the food and return it to the office accompanied with the bags, wrappers, and to go containers that will end up in the garbage, then later into a landfill.At five o’clock it’s time to go home. So you go out to the parking lot and start the car to warm it up again and drive home.Now let’s say you run a home-based business. Rather than getting up in the wee hours of the morning in order to be at work on time, you get to sleep in until a natural light of the sun lights and warms your home. Now because you got to sleep in the coffee maker may or may not be needed.Remaining in your pajamas you no longer requiring a business suit or other special industrial clothing to begin your process of doing whatever it is you do at home to earn your daily revenue.In many cases home-based businesses are centered around our modern information society utilizing computers, telephones or other information channels. While still plugged into the grid, these devices are low emission compared to the industrial counterparts. Whether You are a consultant, writer, internet marketer, network marketer or some other form of sales you likely no longer rely on the use of an automobile therefore greatly decreasing the size of your carbon footprint. Many new home-based business opportunities actual lean in the direction of the green philosophy whether offering environmental safe products or alternatives in power generation and conservation. The possibilities here are endless.So let’s look at the key factors in home-based business energy conservation.

Flexible hours to take advantage of natural light.

Less use of the car to and from work

Only one heated and lit environment for both living in and working in.

Less trash generation. Lunch in your own kitchen. Scraps go into the compost.

Your own choice of attire, saving money on your wardrobe budget.

An opportunity to work with other environmentally friendly “green companies”.

Saving money by living more conservatively in general.Most home based business can be built from a part-time commitment, so there is no need to quit your conventional job to get started. Also the wealth potentials of having your own business is much greater than working for somebody else.

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