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Website Promotion: Now and Then, 7 Elemental Steps to a Better Web Site Promotion

Most web sites are considered as dead. They are buried among the millions of other unvisited web sites. Website promotion is a specialist service that many companies are failing to address, with the end result that no matter how good their websites are, visitors are still slow and that makes them fail to generate a worthwhile income. With a good website promotion, It is certain to boost your sales and achieve excellent return on investment by getting multiple top rankings in the major search engines and directories for your website.

You should start your website promotion efforts by listing the site at the most popular internet directories. Because they can send your substantial amounts of traffic and can affect the ranking in various search engines. It is better to make sure that your site is present in all of the major directories before doing anything else.

Web site promotion should be the most important part of your web site marketing plan. It’s not sufficient just to design a beautiful web site and put in on the Net. Promoting your web site has to be done frequently if you want to get a nonstop stream of traffic to it. If you don’t make traffic go to your web site, your online business scheme will soon be unsuccessful.

Here are 7 Fundamental Steps to a Better Web Site Promotion:


When making your web sites create a plan on how to promote it as well. Try to pretend you’re a consumer when you’re developing it. It’s too effortless just to view your web site from your own point of view. You need to have a clear visualization for your business, goals (short and long term) you wish to attain and the strategies of how you will carry them out.


A lot of online marketers promote their web site without purpose in a field which is too large, for instance they may use bulk mailing as one of their endorsement strategies. You may get some consumers but the chances are you will not make any sales because of the wrong consumers you acquire. Getting targeted consumers to your web site, will increase sales, because they will have more interest in your merchandise or service than advertising to a general audience.


Sticking to one form of promotion is not advisable because you may never know which one will work for you the best. Using more channels like search engines, email, marketing, forums, writing articles etc, you will have a greater chance of having traffic on your web site.


Driving constant traffic to your web site, you must promote it endlessly. The life blood of your online business is the web traffic. For instance, you could always optimize your web pages for the search engines; resubmit them if needed, visiting discussion forums daily and writing an article for online publications for not less than two weeks.


Keeping track of how much money you invested in your promotion plan and what earnings you received in return. This will keep you away from wasting large amount of money thrown aimlessly into advertising.


You can identify what marketing strategies are doing well. You can then modify them as necessary, to improve the sales or services from your location. Your analysis may consist of what keywords your visitors are using to find your web site, which web pages are the most admired and where your visitors are coming from. These are necessary information you should know, instead of blindly promoting your web site and hoping for the best.


When running an effective online marketing operation, you need to always test what works and what doesn’t. Tracking an answer to an ad may cause you to refine it until it generates a great return on the money you invested. Once your results are all right, you can then roll out your ads on a bigger scale and spend large amount of money.

97% of Home Based Businesses Fail

…Yours doesn’t have to.Before jumping into any new home based business, get a little education on what to look for when sifting through the unlimited number of offers out there. It can be difficult to see what is truly a legitimate home based business opportunity and what is all hype or a scam. It is unfortunate, but in today’s world, you have to look very carefully before spending your money to start any home based business. Don’t fall for the hype…look for realistic opportunities.There are a couple questions to ask yourself about the offer you are considering:#1 What is the product and how likely are people to see a value in it?#2 What is the company’s marketing plan to help you get the word out about your new business?I personally spent several years trying different network marketing concepts, but always ended up spending more than I earned. Selling high priced vitamins and soap to my friends and family was not going to get me the kind of freedom I was seeking….TIME. I have never wanted to trade time for income. I want time with my family and the right network marketing opportunity can be your key to that freedom. After all those years of struggling, I have finally found success and now have the luxury of working from home every day and spending my time with my family.Whether you want to find a new career or just supplement your current income, home-based businesses offer that and time freedom. Don’t trade time for money. Time with your family is so precious…work toward getting more of it.Best wishes on your pursuit of a new opportunity in your life.

Home Based Business Opportunity – How To Become Financially Free With OPT And OPM

Long before the Internet was around many people sought to find a home based business opportunity that could give them a new life and the freedom to work from home. They looked into all different areas from selling Tupperware at their monthly home gatherings to teaching piano in their front room. The type of home based business opportunity wasn’t important, the key was to do something from home that had the potential to make them financially free in a few years.The Reason Why They FailedThe problem with this logic was that the business model that they had was never going to accomplish their goals within the time frame. You would have to sell a lot of Tupperware or teach 24/7 to even get close so they started to look at other areas and one that became increasingly popular was something called MLM or multi level marketing. With this home based business opportunity they would not only make money on what they did themselves but also on the efforts of the people they sold to. This is called leveraging other peoples time or OPT and is one half of the magic key to success in any industry on the planet.Home Based Business Opportunity-Part 1: OPTThe first part to running a successful home based business opportunity is to leverage other peoples time. It’s just not practically possible to be successful by yourself, you need to build up a team of people that work with you to the mutual benefit of all. Now this differs from simply having employees because with employees you’re not really leveraging OPT at all, you’re just paying them for their time which is completely different. A better example of OPT in regular business would be a salesman on commission; you don’t pay them anything unless they sell something and then you simply take a percentage of what they make.Now the way this translates to a home based business opportunity is that the salesmen in this case are just ordinary people like you and I. The problem was that they just couldn’t make any consistent sales and the thing that ended up happening was that everyone started trying to convince their friends and family to buy their products and this lead to an overall bad reputation for anyone in the MLM business; they were seen as get rich quick mentality and avoided like the plague, so what’s changed?The Internet Gives New HopeThe Internet is the thing that’s changed everything and it’s now the best way to succeed with any home based business opportunity. Now I’m not saying that some people didn’t make a success of MLM but I would suggest that it was those with the sales backgrounds that did. The Internet however has brought with it the opportunity for everyday folk just like you and me to become financially free through OPT and OPM.Home Based Business Opportunity-Part 2: OPMWe’ve looked at how you can use OPT to help your business progress but the problem is that you need to also use OPM to be successful and this just wasn’t happening in the MLM industry because most people really didn’t know how to sell at all. But the Internet has allowed us to become an expert salesman through the power of online systems and online sales funnels. Now what I mean by this is that most things in life are some form of sales funnel; your local supermarket is a perfect example. Have you ever wondered why all the items you buy on a daily basis are right at the back, think about it. They want you to walk through their entire store every day to up-sell and cross-sell you other products.Now you can leverage the Internet yourself to be your very own sales funnel. In this scenario you will have many different web pages that are ultimately leading someone to what they came for but also cross-selling and up-selling as they go. The real power of the Internet though is that once you set up your sales funnel then it’s there for all time and doesn’t really cost you much money to upkeep; it just keeps funneling people through the system and popping them out at the other end ready to buy. So now the second key to the magic formula is complete; the Internet is providing you with OPM. The great thing about this model is that you can make sales and money and ultimately become financially free whilst you sleep.